Why we won’t photograph a wedding without a Wedding Album

When planning your wedding, you concern yourself with the flowers, the venue, the music and the infamous wedding dress. The second most important aspect of the wedding planning process is your photography. Every bride spends a great deal of time and money searching for the right photographer to capture the most important moments of her special day.

Your wedding day will go by so fast you will not be able to remember every single moment of what happened. A lot of that day, in the end, will be a blurry fog of moments swooping by. Photos and videos will be the best way to have your special day preserved for you and your love to relive over and over again.

wedding albumThough digital media is a great and inexpensive way to store your wedding memories, they are easy to lose. Digital media can be accidentally deleted, misplaced or damaged by fluids, old age etc. Photos can last forever if they are preserved properly. Having a qualified photographer take your most precious moments can make all the difference in the world.

Due to the rapid change in technology, whatever trendy technology out today may not be out tomorrow. We have experienced many different changes in how we store our wedding memories. We have had VHS, DVDs and now digital storage. Of all these technologies, the one traditional way to store wedding memories that has not gone out of style is the traditional wedding album.

Depending on when you got married and what media you used to maintain your pictures, your media may or may not still be viable. VHS tapes proved to not last as long as once thought and neither does DVDs. Wedding albums have lasted the test of time. They survive for generations and become family heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.

Having your wedding photos placed in a beautiful photo album will not only be a great way to display your memories, but it also will be a great way to keep your photos close at hand. Most couples keep their wedding album in a prominent place in their home for easy access.
You can create a personalized photo album that will represent the type of couple you are. If you are a more sophisticated couple, you can have a luxurious fabric cover. For the more edgy couple, a leather bound cover may be a more desirable choice. No matter your style, a customized album is a fantastic way to showcase who you are as a couple.

The best reason for having your wedding photos placed in an album is the ability to tell your wedding story. A well produced traditional album can become a storybook instead of a simple album. The right moments taken from your wedding and place in chronological order can tell your wedding day story from the moment you began to get dressed to the moment you said goodbye to your guests.

There are many reasons why a wedding photography album is an excellent investment, but the most important reason is you will have something from your special day that you and your love can reminisce over for the rest of your life together and share with your family and friends for many generations to come.

I feel so strongly on this issue, that I personally will not photograph a wedding without an album – I do that for the benefit of my clients, who will thank me for it in years to come. If you agree, get in touch and let’s talk about your wedding plans.

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