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Camera for Street Photography: What Is The Best?

If you are someone who is looking into getting started in photography, the perfect genre for you to get started is street photography, which also happens to be a longtime popular genre in photography. More so because it is a genre you can pretty much capture easily when you’re out on the street with a camera on hand.

Ah yes, the camera. If you have no camera at hand yet, chances you are having quite a hard time in choosing the best camera to use for your street photography. Truth be told, there is no “best” camera as every camera has different features to suit different preferences and needs. However, we can provide with some of what we think are the best cameras to consider in the market today for street photography.



One good thing about street photography is that you do not need to use a big camera or bring additional equipment to shoot. In fact, a small camera that can shoot quality images would work just fine. This is especially the case since doing street photography requires your camera to be light enough for you to bring around comfortably, with less bulk and obstruction. The downside though is that a number of these small cameras do not have features that you may find useful when you are shooting on the street.

This does not mean DSLRs are not good cameras for street photography. In fact, some photographers like Studio Bambino Photography use DSLRs for doing this type of photography as they provide more features and are somewhat more powerful cameras. However, they can be too bulky and using them may warrant more attention than you should when doing street photography.

In the end, the choice is up to you as the photographer as to what type of camera you think you would be more comfortable to bring around for your street photography. Whatever camera you choose should be something you should be comfortable using constantly wherever you go and would have the features you may be looking for in a camera.


With all these considered, we have rounded up some of the cameras in the market that can be considered the best for street photography and the features they offer:

Ricoh GR II –it’s rare for a point-and-shoot camera to be in contention for a best camera category, but the Ricoh GR II is a different kind of compact point and shoot camera that manages to stand out. It has a sturdy body, a 16 megapixel resolution, an f/2.8 maximum aperture and a high-speed autofocus system that makes it a no frills camera that gets the job done well, making it one of the most impressive compact cameras in the market today.

Leica M Digital Rangefinder – Leica cameras are one of the most expensive cameras in the market, and the Leica M Digital Rangefinder is no exception. Nevertheless, it offers an impressive set of features that make it a contender. The 24-megapixel shooter offers a very quiet shutter action, which makes it ideal for shooting on the streets, as well as a manual focus in the optical viewfinder. Image quality is exceptional, as can be expected in Leica cameras.

Fujifilm X100T – Fujifilm has been on the roll as of late for coming out with great quality cameras, especially mirrorless cameras. The Fujifilm X100T is yet another quality mirrorless camera they have produced. It boasts of a 16 megapixel resolution with and advanced X-Trans sensor for great image quality and an advanced processor which allows for lesser noise in high ISOs and faster performance as well of up to 6 fps. It also offers an almost quiet shutter speed performance of up to 1/32,000-second. Also, it has a built-in Wi-Fi and 1080p video capability.

Nikon D750 – if you’re considering having a DSLR camera for street photography, the Nikon D750 is a great camera to consider. It has a 24 megapixel resolution with an advanced EXPEED 4 processor for great image quality. More importantly, this camera has a 51-point autofocus system for faster and more accurate autofocus performance and a comfortable build that is suitable to carry it around on your street photography.

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4 Important Things You Need to Know about Street Photography

street photography tipsStreet photography is continuously becoming popular among photographers who like to go for an adventure within the city. It is basically a form of photography where a photographer takes candid shots not only on streets but in any place with the goal of achieving pictures that depict real human situations. You will be amazed to see street photographs that look so genuine and striking. The photos can be as remarkable as the images produced by professionals who are into natural wedding photography.

An awesome street photo is something that does not only draw the attention of viewers but will also make them feel that they are in the exact place and situation. It can capture the real emotions and expressions of people without having to make them pose for the camera.

Now, for beginner photographers who want to learn more about street photography, here are 4 important things that you need to know about this form of photography.

  1. Take your time, slow down

Always remember that your canvass is the whole street or area you are in and everything within your sight can be your subject. No need to rush too much or take photos too fast. Look around you first and observe which of the things you see can be great subjects to shoot pictures of. It is up to you on which to focus and recognize which one can help you achieve the pictures you want. Just walk around in your normal walking pace with a camera ready at hand. Stop and take pictures when you see something interesting to photograph.

  1. There is a right time for everything, just wait

Doing street photography is a little bit complicated than others may think of. Since you have no exact subject in mind as you walk along the street, there are instances that you cannot find the subject that can give you the street images you desire. Thus, it is important for you to be patient and learn to wait. If there is a particular person that you regularly see and you want to take a picture of him or her, then you can position yourself on a specific spot where your subject normally walks or passes by. Be patient, wait and then take shots once you see him/her. There is a right time for everything. If you cannot take pictures of your subject today, then try again tomorrow or the next day.

  1. Choose between asking permission or not

Normally, a street photographer doesn’t ask permission from his/her chosen subject but then, the decision to ask or not to will totally depend on whether you think it is necessary or not. You need to respect the privacy of others and if you think they may not like it then don’t take pictures or ask permission first. Keep in mind that when shooting in the streets, you need to consider the feelings of your subjects and think first before you click.

  1. A lighter camera is more suitable to bring

There are advanced point and shoot cameras that street photographers now consider buying because of its light size yet wonderful features. You can still produce sharp images with this kind of camera and you don’t have to worry about walking all day long with a heavy DSLR. Of course the choice still depends on you, it carrying a DSLR won’t be a hassle then well you can use one in taking street pictures.

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