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Top 4 Indoor Photography Lighting Tips

low lightIndoor shooting is common among many forms of photography. There are various times when we need to take pictures of an event, cover a wedding and photograph a baby on an indoor location. Situations vary a lot and the common problem we encounter with indoor photography is a low-light condition.

Light is very critical in photography. We need light to make our image clear, visible, sharp and detailed. In some indoor locations, light is insufficient and this presents challenges to the photographer. The professional photographer needs to find ways to solve the low light issue and get the clear, professional-looking photos he/she needs.

For those who have been in professional photography for several years now, they already know the techniques to use for low light. But then, for beginners, they still need all the help and guidance they can get in order to produce the brilliant pictures they need.

  1. Let the sunlight get inside

When shooting during daytime, move the curtains or blinds, open the windows and doors and position your subject where the natural light from the sun shine. Natural light is still the best source of light in photography so your first option must always be to make use of natural sunlight.

If the sunlight is too bright, a thin curtain can be used to lessen the light coming from the outside.

  1. Know your camera settings

Familiarizing your new camera can help you learn everything it has to offer – from the different shooting modes, controls and dials to the advanced features you camera has to offer. This is what our Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer advised beginners to do. Mastering the different modes can help you choose the right setting when doing indoor photography. You can increase your ISO to allow more light to get into your camera. You can also change to manual focus instead of autofocus since autofocus is no longer efficient when shooting in low light. Learning how to make use of manual focus is important then in indoor photography.

  1. Choose only one source

If you need light, you should choose only one source. The first option is of course natural light from the sun. If you can let it inside the room through the door and window, then that would be great. If not, you can make use of the ambient or available light source in the room. If the ambient light is not enough, then use an artificial source like an external flash. Make sure to choose only one and never use two or more source because it will just ruin your image.

  1. Bounce off or disperse the light

If it is impossible to use light from the sun, then use an external flash (not a pop-up flash) to illuminate the room. Just make sure not to point it directly to your subject. You can either bounce it of the ceiling or wall or use a reflector to disperse the light. Professional wedding photographers like this derby wedding photographer do this whenever necessary.

You might find it difficult at first to take indoor pictures with poor lighting. But then, through constant practice you will eventually find the best techniques that will work for low light situations.

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