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Glamour Photography Tips and Ideas

glamour photography tipsOne form of photography that is continuously making noise in the world of fashion and photography is glamour photography. Glamour photography can be best described as a fashionable, sexy form of photography. The glamour photos produced are usually used for advertising a product or brand or for the personal use of the client.

The subjects in a glamour photo shoot can be real professional models hired by a company or an individual who has no modeling experience but just want to do something different. Some of you might find glamour photography easy, but then in reality, it takes the right knowledge, skills, experience as well as correct planning to make the shoot remarkable.

Here are some glamour photography tips and ideas for you.

  1. Know the different modeling poses and teach them

As a glamour photographer, you should know the different modeling poses so you can guide your models or clients on how to do them. You can have them follow the basic poses from simple and gorgeous poses to the feminine and exquisite types.

  1. Be patient with your model or client

Clients who hire you to have their photos taken for their personal portfolio re usually the ones who do not know what to do in glamour shot. This type of shoot is new to them thus you have to be show support and patience when guiding them on what to do. Even this professional photographer Berkshire always tries to be patient with clients.

  1. Choose the suitable location

The location you choose for the glamour shoot has an impact on how the shoot will end up. It is therefore important for you to choose a location that is suitable to your desired type of shoot. Talk it over with your clients and know what they expect or what they want you to deliver so you can plan better on the location.

  1. Learn how to make use of the lighting

Proper lighting should be observed in glamour photo shoot. You need just enough light to bring out the real beauty of your subject and achieve the look you want. The light in the location must not be too bright and also not too dark. Too bright light can make the subject too soft and dull while too dark can make your image look blurry and unclear. Professional photographers such as this wedding photographer essex is aware of how important light is.

  1. Guide subjects on what to wear and what makeup to apply

The clothing and makeup are important in a glamour photo session. The model or your client must wear the right clothes and apply just the right makeup. Collaborate with the marketing head of the company as to what clothing and makeup will look best for your model. Meanwhile, for a client who is doing the shoot for his/her personal purpose, you can give suggestions on what to clothes, shoes and accessories to wear, what hairstyle to have and what shade of makeup to apply.

  1. Master how to edit using Lightroom or Photoshop

Retouching or editing is important in glamour photography. Most pictures need to undergo editing using Lightroom or Photoshop before the photos are delivered to the client. You have to find time to understand and master the different features that your chosen editing program has to offer.

Hopeful these glamour photography tips and ideas can help you get started and in the future excel in this type of photography.

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