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Tips for a Successful Baby Photo Shoot

baby photographyOne of the few types of photography that is fun and rewarding is baby photography. Taking pictures of adorable newborns and months-old babies will surely give you delight. The images of these cute little ones will melt your hearts and so you desire to produce more captivating baby shots.

Since babies are too young to be directed, you will have to adjust and find ways to make the photo shoot successful. For beginners, you will have to do a research on how to get started in baby photography and make it work so your business will be a success.

  1. Know what time the baby is often asleep or awake

Newborn babies love to sleep and when photographing newborns it is best to have him/her in deep sleep. The baby should also be in full stomach before the photo shoot so he/she will be in a good mood during the shoot.

For month-old babies, you can photograph even when he’s awake. You can take shots of him while at play, when being fed or doing the activities he loves doing.

You can ask the parents ahead on what they expect from the photo shoot so you can incorporate their ideas and they’d be satisfied with the outcome of the session.

  1. Go for 2 to 4 poses

There are overwhelming ideas on what baby poses are best for the shoot but then you should not confuse yourself by choosing too many poses. Start with few and simple poses especially if you’re a beginner. The safety of the baby should be your utmost concern, hence, never try a pose that you are unsure and can possibly cause harm the baby. Additionally, there should be someone nearby during the photo shoot in case the newborn rolls over or the baby crawls and bumps into something. Photographers at Newborn photography twickenham consider this as very important.

  1. Check room temperature

When shooting indoors, room temperature is a big deal. The room should not be too cold or too hot because it can affect the baby’s mood. It should be warm and cozy enough. This is especially true when shooting a newborn babies.

  1. Get down low and take macro shots

For photographing newborns, don’t forget to take some macro shots of their tiny hand, cute feet and pinkish cheeks. Parents would love to see these macro shoots. For bigger babies, you can take close up shots of the face with eyes staring directly at the camera. The innocence, charm and real beauty of the baby should be captured on cam.

  1. Timing is important

When photographing young babies, you need to ask the parents what the best times are. Learn what time the baby is awake, what time he usually sleeps and what time he is at play. When at play, you can possibly take a shot of his smiling face if the baby is in a good mood.

Set your camera to continuous shooting mode so you can shoot fast and you can take lots of pictures. This will give you many pictures to choose from. Even Hampshire wedding photographer agrees that right timing is essential in getting those precious shots.

  1. Include the parents and siblings

The main reason why parents usually have their babies photographed is to keep memorable pictures that they can show to their child when he/she grows up. Because of this, it is best if you can ask the parents as well as the older sibling of the baby to take part in some shots. You can take shots of the mother carrying or feeding the baby, the father staring at the young one or an older sibling playing with the baby.

Apart from following the tips mentioned, it is also important for you to choose the right gear – camera, lenses, accessories – that are best for baby photography. Study your gear and continuously hone your skills in photographing these adorable little ones.

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Getting Started in Baby Photography

babyBaby photography is an amusing type of photography that is usually entered into by those who are fond of babies and small kids. Babies are cute, adorable but very unpredictable. At times they are in the mood, while other times they aren’t.  You have to be patient, understanding and adaptable when handling babies in a photo shoot.

Unlike big kids and adults, babies cannot be given instructions. They are too young to understand the poses that you want for them to do. This is one of the main reasons parents choose to employ the services of a baby photographer. They want someone who really knows how to make their babies look best in camera since these pictures will be kept and shown to the baby when he grows up.

Getting started in baby photography will require time, skills, passion and right attitude. You need to be prepared on what lies ahead in this field of photography. Some of the things you should look into when planning to enter baby photography are the following:

  1. Get formal education on commercial photography

Apart from the practical knowledge you will gain over years of experience, getting a formal education on commercial photography can give you insights on the best ways to photograph people particularly babies. You will learn techniques on how to capture great shots that are as beautiful as the pictures you see in magazines. Our friend who is a Buckinghamshire wedding photographer also took several photography courses and this helped him become an excellent photographer.

  1. Read magazines about handling babies

There are magazines and online baby sites which can provide you with valuable information to help you better understand babies. You will learn how to handle them and adjust to their temper during a photo shoot. Babies are fragile so you really need to make sure they are safe and comfortable.

  1. Buy the right baby stuff and accessories

Aside from buying the right camera and some pair of lenses, you also need to purchase accessories like bean bags, blankets, baskets and other cute props. Everything should be dust-free, sanitized and free from pointed objects. Make sure to ask the parent before a photo shoot if the baby is allergic to a specific type of blanket or object. You wouldn’t want to endanger the health of the baby.

  1. Master the easy poses first

In a baby photo shoot, safety of the baby is our main concern. Study the easy poses first before attempting to do more complex ones (like placing the baby in a basket with hands on chin). You also do not need to use too many props. Keep in mind that parents want you to capture the looks of their baby and not anything else. A simple wrap is sometimes enough to get the best baby shots. You just need to study your camera and set it right.

  1. Natural light can give you wonderful shots.

Professional photographers from Wedding Photography Derbyshire will definitely agree that nothing beats natural light when it comes to getting the natural-looking, sharp images you want. As much as possible, set the session in a room that has a big window so sunlight can come in during the baby photo session.

  1. Learn to use photo editing tools

Photo editing is important especially with photos for print. Gaining skills on photo editing is important not only for baby photographers but for all professional photographers. You need to learn how to enhance baby photos using programs like Photoshop and Lightroom.  Baby photos don’t require full editing since we want to retain the real beauty of the baby. We only need to perform minor editing which is usually of the background.

Baby photography can be fun and rewarding if you are well prepared for it. Get the right skills and follow the tips mentioned so you can truly succeed in the field of baby photography.

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