You are here to learn more about us and probably to better enhance your skills in photography. And somehow, we also teach you not to learn from us but to get as much information from other sources as well. Sources may vary in magazines, photo studios, online blogs and forums, or some good old friend who knows about professional photography. Well, it doesn’t really matter, what’s important is you get to learn more from it. Though some teach you some tricks, not all those questions of yours are answered. But somehow, you get to know bits of ideas from other people who voice them out.

Mixing them up together could lead you to a much better tactic in taking the wonderful images. You might be able to generate your own technique in photography or get accredited for it. The good thing is, you get to keep your newly discovered technique a secret for your own benefit. Your secret recipe could lead you the next level, you can then post on blogs and make go viral and thus giving you a solid reputation in the industry. But if you feel like sharing them, it’s up to you. The best thing about it is, you get to learn from it – a lot. For more tips, as a beginner you can watch the video below.

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