Things to Know About Beach Wedding Photography

beach wedding photographyA wedding by the beach is a setup chosen by several engaged couples today. They love the romantic ambience of the beach and the feeling of relaxation that the scenery gives them. Moreover, beach wedding also allows them to be practical with their choices and save on wedding costs. There are many ways they can spend less by having a wedding by the beach.

Couples can also get more unique wedding photos since the beach has a lot to offer that is different from the traditional wedding setup. The responsibility of producing brilliant wedding photos now lies on the wedding photographer. The wedding photographer must be skilled and knowledgeable in shooting outdoors since it is different from the usual indoor wedding setup.

If you are new to shooting beach weddings, there are things that you should know about beach wedding photography. By knowing these things, it will be easier for you to produce fantastic beach wedding photos.

  1. Use a low ISO setting when the sunlight is too bright

A low ISO setting in your camera is recommended if the light available is more than what you need. You can choose an ISO of 100 or 200. It is opposite to low light situations wherein we need to increase the ISO to 400 or higher to allow more light to get in.

  1. Apply the flash fill technique to illuminate your subject

While a flash is usually avoided in weddings, a beach setting is somehow different and a flash may come in handy. You can use an external flash to illuminate the couple’s faces if you are trying to take pictures of them with the sun behind them. Using a flash, shadows or dark parts get removed and this is what we call the fill-in flash technique. This wedding photographer cambridgeshire does this whenever he finds necessary.

  1. Capture movements that represent a beach setting

Since you are at the beach, make sure to capture moments that will take advantage of your wonderful setting and bring out its beauty. Capture the movement of the sea while the couple is walking or have the bride walk by the beach with her gown being swayed by the wind.

  1. Check your camera’s histogram from time to time

When shooting outdoors like at the beach, the exposure can be a problem. You need to be very good in deciding the right exposure to set your camera at to avoid overexposure as well as underexposure. One thing that can help you with this is your camera’s histogram. Learn how to read and understand the histogram so you will know if your exposure is just right or not. Our friend, who is a Wedding Photographer Cheshire, is adept in using the histogram.

  1. Remember the sunny f/16 rule

The sunny f/16 rule is a known principle followed by most photographers shooting outdoors. In this rule, an aperture of f/16 is chosen on a sunny day and your ISO setting will be the basis in choosing the shutter speed. You can find out more about it here.

  1. Shoot with sun behind than in front of your subjects

It is better to have the couple or their guests have their back turned away from the sun than photographing them while facing it. Posing people directly into the sun will make them squint and feel uncomfortable thus your images will be a disaster.

Keeping these things can help you better prepare when assigned to shoot weddings by the beach.

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5 Tips for Great Wedding Pictures

Wedding photography is one of the most lucrative yet demanding genres in photography to specialize, something that veterans in the industry would attest to. There are so many moments that need to be captured in that single event, not to mention the challenges that might come up along the way.

These things may be overwhelming especially for a newbie wedding photographer. But with the proper guidance and knowledge, one can get through these jitters and be on the way to be an experienced photographer. We have therefore prepared 5 tips for photographers so they can be able to take great wedding pictures.

  1. Know the equipment that you have and make sure you have backup

Some photographers have the fault of not knowing what equipment they have and what would be appropriate to use in certain occasions. Thus, it is important to be familiar with the feature and capabilities of each equipment like the lenses, flash, and other gear you will be needing to cover a wedding.


Also, it is important that you have backup equipment that you can use anytime whenever one of them fails on you during the event. This applies especially for batteries for additional power and memory cards for additional storage.

  1. Scout the locations

Once you have the information on the location where the wedding ceremony and the reception will be held, make it a point to visit these places beforehand, at least a day before the wedding as the preparations are being made. Check out which spots would be ideal for you to take some strategic photos. Know well the ins and outs of the area so you can better navigate throughout the venue or venues during the coverage. Better preparation is the key.

  1. Prepare a short list of what to cover

With so many moments in the wedding that needed to be captured, some photographers make a mistake in missing some key moments which make the overall wedding experience feel incomplete as far as the coverage is concerned. To avoid this, photographers must make it a point to know the important moments that must be photographed and make a list of those moments so they would not be forgotten during the event itself. This also helps the photographer’s overall workflow as he/she gets to have a better grasp as to how to transition between moments to take those great photos.


  1. Gain experience shooting weddings as an assistant

Weddings are important occasions that leave no room for photography mistakes, especially crucial ones. If you are someone new into wedding photography, that pressure is very much felt. So as a way not only to help relieve some of the pressure but also to familiarize oneself with what goes on in a wedding, newbie photographers should take time to gain some experience by working as assistant of more experienced wedding photographers like those at PB Art Works.

This also serves as a good opportunities for the newbies to learn from the experts and be able to gain insights on how to become better wedding photographers in the process.

  1. Shoot in RAW

There is a lot at stake when shooting a wedding and you need to make sure that you have the maximum amount of data available when editing images to correct any issues with exposure, color and white balance in the best quality available as possible. This means that it’s important to shoot photos in the RAW format.

You can shoot JPEG photos at the same time, but as a priority, shoot RAW files to get you out of trouble

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What Makes Wedding Photography a Lucrative Business?

wedding photographyIn the late 80s, wedding photography is considered as uninteresting and outcast in the commercial and fashion industry. Only a few people know about its existence and even professional photographers do not find this interesting. Wedding photography only started to become popular in the 90s when more and more engaged couples figured out the importance of keeping wedding photos that they can take a look from time to time.

A lot of professional photographers are now specializing in wedding photography after seeing the great demand in Seattle wedding photography and similar services. If you are new to photography and haven’t found the form of photography that you want to focus on, then you might as well consider becoming a professional wedding photographer.

Here are several reasons why wedding photography is a lucrative business:

  1. Lots of potential clients

Nowadays, weddings happen everywhere at any time of the year. This is very different from the past wherein most couples choose to get married in popular wedding months like June. At present, there are couples who decide to choose March, November and even other months that used to be “off peak” season for weddings.

For a wedding photographer, this could mean a higher chance of meeting with potential clients and getting hired to work on wedding any time. You do not have to wait for the peak season to receive clients because as long as you can market your business well, then you can have unlimited potential clients come your way.

  1. Easier to market

You have to do your best on every wedding project that you will work on, no matter how big or little it may seem. By doing your best, your client and their guests will certainly notice your performance and will most likely hire you in the future or recommend your services to someone they know. Remember that in the modern world we are now is, word of mouth is still a very efficient way of marketing a business and reaching out to more potential clients.

  1. Get hired to shoot bridal events

More and more companies today hold bridal events or release magazines about weddings. If you are creative or skilled in fashion photography, then you can offer your photography services and your captured images will be shown in different publications making you more known in the wedding industry. Additionally, even by being invited to these events you can get to meet people within the industry and have the opportunity to build good working relationships.

  1. Offer portrait photography services in own studio

When you have no bookings, you can still receive walk-in clients who want their portraits taken. You can put up a home studio to accept them or rent a space then take shots of your clients there. Similarly, you can offer on-location or home photography services.

There are certainly many ways you can earn when joining the field of wedding photography. Just make sure to continue learning and show to other people that you can deliver the services you promised.

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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Wedding Photo Coverage

wedding picturesWeddings are a special occasion for all couples. They want the memories of this special day to be captured by their wedding photographer. The photographer is expected to produce amazing wedding photos that will touch the hearts of viewers. The wedding photos must tell a great story of a wonderful union in marriage.

For a wedding photographer, there are plenty of things to do before every wedding. He/she cannot have successful wedding photo coverage if he/she doesn’t prepare for it. For beginners, it might be confusing where to start or how to begin. They need guidance on how to become fruitful in covering weddings and so we have gathered the top 10 tips from professional wedding photographers on how to best shoot weddings.

  1. Have a wedding photo shot list

You can prepare a wedding shot list or request one from the couple so you won’t miss any important shot particularly those expected by the bride and groom.

  1. Get a second shooter or assistant

A second shooter can takes shots of people or parts of the venue that you might not be able to cover. If the person cannot take shots, he/she can just assist you in carrying your stuff, preparing your subjects and similar tasks.

  1. Secure memory cards and batteries

The number of memory cards you bring must be enough to cover a wedding from end to finish. Remember that shooting in RAW can consume more space in your storage but will produce sharper images so be prepared for such. Also, do not forget to charge your camera’s battery and bring some spare with you.

  1. Prepare yourself for the worst

Anything can happen during the wedding so you need to have some safety and backup plans. Secure your belongings on rainy weather and list other possible problems you may come across so you can plan on how to prevent or counter it.

  1. Scout the location

Find time to visit the location or wedding venue days before the wedding. This can help you plan your wedding shots better. You will know how much light is available, what kind of shots you can take and where you can position yourself.

  1. Check your camera and other stuff

Make sure that your cameras, lenses and other accessories are in good condition. Check them a day or two before the wedding.

  1. Arrive early in appropriate clothes

Arriving early in the venue can give your more time to plan your shots or even take pictures of the couple and their relatives who are busy preparing. Make sure to wear clothes that blend well with the other guests. Look professional and smart.

  1. Take macro shots of special wedding items

The couple will love to see some pictures of their valued wedding items in the wedding album you prepare. Take macro shots of their wedding rings, wedding invitation, shoes and bride’s wedding gown among many others.

  1. Become a second shooter first

Becoming a second shooter for a more experienced essex wedding photographer can help you gain more experience and acquire skills. You can observe how these photographers and learn from them.

  1. Familiarize your camera

A great camera is useless if you do not know how to get the best out of it. Find time to read your camera’s manual, familiarize the buttons, dials to know how each one functions. By familiarizing your camera, you can plan your wedding photo coverage better and produce the best wedding photos that the couple will surely love.

You can also get ideas and tips from a wedding photographer’s website such as

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When Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

In any wedding, the wedding photographer remains one of the most important people whose services should be availed. Whether the affair would be a simple or a grand one, the memories brought about by such a joyous and memorable occasion deserve to be documented the best way possible, a service only a wedding photographer can provide.

With that said, couples who are in the middle of planning their weddings face a dilemma regarding when to hire a wedding photographer’s services. What would be the ideal timeframe to do so?

photographer-791269_1280 (1)

Booking in advance

Weddings are usually planned a year in advance, especially if the wedding is going to be a big affair. As such, it is but proper to book the wedding photographer around that time as well as soon as you have the wedding venue booked. Usually, it would be at is 10-12 months in advance at least. This is especially true if in case you would avail the services of the more popular and “in demand” wedding photographers who are very much sought after by couples to shoot their weddings. Keep in mind that their schedules are pretty booked for most of the year so if you can have the photographer on your chosen wedding date, that would be good.

And even if you are unable to get the schedule with the first photographer of your choice, you still have many options available and the timeframe allows you to check all the options you have. If you will go with the same photographer, you can check with the photographer if he/she may have other photographers in the studio who can be at the wedding. Or you may go for the services of other wedding photographers.

If you would opt to check out other wedding photographers, you may consider going for less popular photographers who can provide quality output. These photographers have at least a less than demanding schedule that the popular photographers have, so there is a greater chance that you can avail of their services on the chosen date of the wedding. At the same time, one must remember that the earlier the booking is accomplished, the better for the wedding overall.


Where to look

Fortunately, there are a lot of sources and venues these days that are available for you to check out for a wedding photographer. Here are some places you can check out:

  • Bridal fairs

Bridal fairs provide a single venue where you can get acquainted with as many photographers like Steve Jones Photography and Denise Winter Photography for instance as possible and see what they offer, providing much convenience and saving considerable time and effort on your part as well. Do take note that some participating photographers offer special discounts for those who will avail of their services during the fair. It’s something worth keeping in mind.

  • Social media

Many wedding photographers have social media accounts to promote their services through paid advertising or viral marketing among others. It is also a good source of information, especially if you’re focusing your efforts online. With more photographers now having an established presence in social media, you get to save considerable time and effort in reaching out to them, not to mention being able to easily see their portfolio.

  • Bridal publications and websites

There are a number of publications and websites available that are dedicated to wedding matters that you can check out. Many of these publications have a directory listing of wedding service providers like wedding photographers that you can contact.

  • Classified listings

Whether online or offline, classified listings have long been a reliable source of information on wedding photographers. The downside though is that the listings do not provide much detail, at least when comes to the work they have done, unless they listed their site or online portfolio in the ads. But with the limitations of the source, what is important at least is that they have provided valid contact information and that your queries to them will be promptly answered.

  • Wedding planners

Wedding planners can be very helpful in taking care of most of the wedding details for you, giving you lesser headaches and worries to mind about your wedding. In some cases, wedding planners can take care of finding a photographer for you if in case you have not found one.

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What to Look For in a Wedding Photography Package

wedding photographyWeddings are fun, exciting, challenging and nerve-racking for couples and their loved ones. The preparation alone requires several hours per week and at least 6 months to get everything in place. Couples need to look for suppliers, hire wedding professionals, and set an appointment with the couturier for you, your partner and entourage.  Help from relatives, friends and a wedding planner will certainly make it less stressful to the couple.

When it comes to hiring wedding professionals, the wedding photographer is one of the difficult yet important decisions to make. You need someone who is really a professional and can deliver what is agreed upon. Most professional wedding photographers today offer different wedding packages which can be confusing.

Wedding package costs vary from photographer to photographer and even from city to city. Some cities have lower wedding photography cost while others offer more expensive services. There are wedding photographers who offer a lower rate during off-peak season so you will have to find this out. In other words, you need to do a research on what the reasonable price range in your area and what wedding photography package cost is acceptable.

Compare the costs as well as the wedding photography package inclusions from photographer to photographer. This is of course apart from doing a background check of the wedding photographer since you also need to assess their experience and skills. After the initial search for potential candidates, you can set up appointments, ask questions and request for a copy of their wedding photography packages.

Now, what should you look for in a wedding photography package? Well, here are the initial info you need to know and check out.

  1. Package cost

Know how much the package costs and if it is customizable. Make sure there are no hidden charges and all details are stipulated.

  1. Hours of coverage

Learn how many hours are they going to coverage – 6, 12 or until the party ends? This Wedding photography Hertfordshire always informs their clients on how many hours they are going to cover depending on the package availed.

  1. Number of photographers

How many photographers will take pictures during the wedding? It would be better if there are 2 or more photographers in the wedding especially if the venue is huge and you have plenty of guests.

  1. Product to deliver – DVD, wedding album, downloadable or flashcard

The package must also include details on what product inclusions are there. Is there a dvd or flash card for all digital images? How many pages will the wedding album have? Also, are there printed large portrait included in the package?

  1. Overtime charges

In case, the wedding party gets extended or if the wedding starts late, how much is the overtime cost? The overtime charge is usually an hourly rate.

  1. Post production time

You have to know as well how many weeks or months will it take the photographer to deliver the final images. Visit more information on this.

Budget plays a big part in your choice of a wedding photography package. Most couples consider around 10% of their total wedding budget to go for the wedding photography service. You have to make sure the package suits your budget. Keep in mind though that these wedding photos will help you reminisce the magical moments in your wedding so don’t just choose anybody, go with a professional photographer to do the job.

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6 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyMaking a decision of who to hire as your official wedding photographer is critical. You need to find the right one for the job or else you will regret it. The wedding photographer you should employ must pass the standards that you set during the hiring process.

In setting the standards for what you think is the ideal photographer, there are several factors that you need to consider or incorporate in the selection process.

  1. Work Experience

Some photographers try to offer their service for a lower price to entice customers to hire them. Don’t be fooled by this. Know first why the prices are lower than others and if it seems unreasonable then don’t grab it. It is more important to look into the photographer’s work experience.

Check the wedding photographer’s work portfolio and see some sample wedding albums before deciding to hire him or not. Make sure to verify if everything the wedding photographer presented is correct and authentic.

  1. Credibility

Do a background check of the wedding photographer to know his/ her credibility. The one that you should hire must be honest, trustworthy and professional. He must be truthful on what he can deliver. He must not be someone who gives false promises. Ask the persons who he/she has worked with to determine whether he is credible enough.

  1. Personality

Talk to the photographer in person and not just over the phone. Observe carefully how he acts and talks. If he seems to be honest, serious but has a sense of humor, approachable, then he is a good choice. If you have a bad feeling about him or if you’re not comfortable, then don’t hire him.

Wedding guests feel at ease if the photographer is nice, smiling and easy to talk with. Moreover, a neatly-dressed photographer like Ann Landstrom can make people feel more comfortable. Hence, consider hiring one that has an impressive nice personality.

  1. Style

There are different wedding photography styles like formal and casual that wedding photographers usually offer. Look for a style that matches your own style as well as the wedding’s theme. There are photographers who are versatile and can shoot a combination of styles that he deems suitable for the wedding. A touch of traditional with a bit of reportage photography style is what most couples choose nowadays.

You can check out his/ her works like a complete wedding album of past client or pictures on his/her website.

  1. Budget

Your choice of wedding photographer will of course depend also on how much is your budget for the wedding photography service. Is it 10% of the total wedding budget or higher? The normal is around 10-15% of the total wedding cost. Ask the wedding photographer for specific details of the services or packages that he/she is offering. Make sure there are no hidden fees and that payment terms are stipulated in the wedding contract that both you and the clients will sign in.

  1. Past Clients’ Feedback

Ask the photographer for contact information of his past clients. Contact them and inquire about their experience with the wedding photographer. You can also check online and read feedback as well as recommendations for different wedding photographers. Scrutinize the information you gathered before making a final decision.

It is normal for couples like you to be really meticulous in choosing a wedding photographer. It is your wedding after all and you’ll be the one spending money for it. Your chosen photographer should be as great as this Peterborough photographer.

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Effective Photo Editing Workflow for Wedding Photographers

photo editingA wedding photographer’s job is challenging and time consuming. It starts from setting up meetings with clients up to editing the wedding photos after the wedding. The biggest challenge especially for amateur photographers is the editing of thousands of images. This will certainly take many hours and weeks to finish. The solution to this is following an effective workflow.

A good editing workflow can help you save time so you can use it to more productive tasks like preparing for your next wedding event. With a great workflow, you can work will be more organized and you can provide more awesome final wedding photos. Your clients will surely be happy with your work.

Photographers have their own workflow which they flow to get their work done fast. To help you prepare started, here are the steps that you can consider integrating in your own photo editing workflow.

  1. Transfer files and back up

Once you get on your computer, you should right away transfer the pictures from your memory card. Use a reliable usb card reader so the files will be transferred fast and complete. Make sure to back up your files by saving them in at least 2 different locations – 2 hard drives or combine an external it with an external storage.

  1. Get an image browser

Make use of an image browser like a Photo Mechanic that can help you view the photos fast.  Most professional photographers like Wedding photographer Staffordshire prefer having a separate photo viewing and editing programs. This makes them organize their photos before editing the best ones.

  1. View and sort photos

Using an image browsing program that you prefer, you can rate your photos so the best can be separated from the least. If you choose to use only one program or send the files directly to a photo editing program like Light room or Photoshop, you can do the same and sort them by giving a rating.

  1. Choose only 10-15 per event sequence or batch

Once you’ve sorted or rated the photos, you can choose several pics from each event or batch. Say for example, out of the 50 photos you took of the bride walking down the aisle, trim it down to 10 or 15. After that, choose a few that are for print. These pics are the ones you will retouch or fully edit while other pictures can be edited all at once.

  1. Batch edit least favorites

Most photo editing programs have batch editing features that you can use to edit images all at once. The program usually works by choosing one image, adjusting its settings then copying or applying the same setting to other images all at once.

  1. Retouch the best and export.

Focus on editing the best pictures particularly those for print or album. Once you are as good as Essex wedding photographer in image editing, you will surely be spending less time on each picture.

  1. Finalize and deliver

Once you’ve finished editing, do a final checking before delivering printed and digital copies to your client. Make sure to save the files and folder using a file name that is easy to remember like the client’s name and the date of the event.

You can now make your own workflow using the steps and guidelines we have shared. With a great workflow, your job will be easier and less time-consuming.

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Why we won’t photograph a wedding without a Wedding Album

When planning your wedding, you concern yourself with the flowers, the venue, the music and the infamous wedding dress. The second most important aspect of the wedding planning process is your photography. Every bride spends a great deal of time and money searching for the right photographer to capture the most important moments of her special day.

Your wedding day will go by so fast you will not be able to remember every single moment of what happened. A lot of that day, in the end, will be a blurry fog of moments swooping by. Photos and videos will be the best way to have your special day preserved for you and your love to relive over and over again.

wedding albumThough digital media is a great and inexpensive way to store your wedding memories, they are easy to lose. Digital media can be accidentally deleted, misplaced or damaged by fluids, old age etc. Photos can last forever if they are preserved properly. Having a qualified photographer take your most precious moments can make all the difference in the world.

Due to the rapid change in technology, whatever trendy technology out today may not be out tomorrow. We have experienced many different changes in how we store our wedding memories. We have had VHS, DVDs and now digital storage. Of all these technologies, the one traditional way to store wedding memories that has not gone out of style is the traditional wedding album.

Depending on when you got married and what media you used to maintain your pictures, your media may or may not still be viable. VHS tapes proved to not last as long as once thought and neither does DVDs. Wedding albums have lasted the test of time. They survive for generations and become family heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.

Having your wedding photos placed in a beautiful photo album will not only be a great way to display your memories, but it also will be a great way to keep your photos close at hand. Most couples keep their wedding album in a prominent place in their home for easy access.
You can create a personalized photo album that will represent the type of couple you are. If you are a more sophisticated couple, you can have a luxurious fabric cover. For the more edgy couple, a leather bound cover may be a more desirable choice. No matter your style, a customized album is a fantastic way to showcase who you are as a couple.

The best reason for having your wedding photos placed in an album is the ability to tell your wedding story. A well produced traditional album can become a storybook instead of a simple album. The right moments taken from your wedding and place in chronological order can tell your wedding day story from the moment you began to get dressed to the moment you said goodbye to your guests.

There are many reasons why a wedding photography album is an excellent investment, but the most important reason is you will have something from your special day that you and your love can reminisce over for the rest of your life together and share with your family and friends for many generations to come.

I feel so strongly on this issue, that I personally will not photograph a wedding without an album – I do that for the benefit of my clients, who will thank me for it in years to come. If you agree, get in touch and let’s talk about your wedding plans.

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Saying I do? A Professional Wedding Planner can Help

You’re in love, you have found that special someone, you know it in your heart. and you’re ready. Why is it then, that one of the most special days in our lives can so easily be turned into a garish nightmare? With Crazy family feuds coming to a boil, sleep deprivation sending you mad, and costs spiralling completely out of control, it’s no wonder that they say that marriage is tough.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen it all – and most of the problems come down to stress – you’ve planned this huge day for months and you just can’t let go. You want to micro-manage everything on the day – but you are the star attraction – it’s a recipe for chaos!

So amidst the madness, it’s only normal for someone to sit back and ask, “should they have hired a wedding planner?” There are obvious benefits of going the wedding planner route. Imagine yourself sipping champagne with your feet up whilst someone else races around picking up invitations and screaming down the phone to a venue coordinator. It seems beneficial, but are wedding planners all that they are cracked up to be? Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of wedding planner help:

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner

Wedding planners can eliminate the stresses involved in planning a wedding – Not only does a professional wedding planner take all the stress out of getting your big event ready but they can also offer advice and inside industry tricks. Moreover, your wedding planner is going to be on your side, so there’s no need for messy family disagreements over bridal bouquets as your wedding planner is always going to agree with you.

With a wedding planner, you don’t have to quit your day job – Planning a wedding takes time. Let’s face it nowadays almost all couples have both members working full time. The last thing you want to have to do is start taking days off work, coming to work late or spending long nights awake planning your wedding.

For those who are terrible with money, a wedding planner is a godsend – Keeping to a strict budget is not a skill many of us have in abundance. When planning weddings ourselves, it is easy for us to spend way over our budgets before we have even picked the desert. With a wedding planner, you can provide a budget that the planner can work within, saving you money.

The Downsides of Hiring a Wedding Planner

A bad wedding planner means a bad wedding – This rings especially true for those on a tight budget. Going for a cheap low-cost wedding planner can have disastrous effects. You get what you pay for and in many cases if you want the job done right, you are going to have to do it yourself.

The only person who knows what you really want is you – Everybody has a vision of what their special day looks like and you are the only one who can truly see the final product. A wedding planner just might not be able to envisage the same dream as you, so it might be best to plan yourself.

Bring the family together – Planning a wedding can be a time that brings people together. Mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, aunty’s, and everyone else can all chip in and help get the event underway. Hiring a wedding planner takes away that opportunity, even though for some, that might be a good thing.

So if you find yourself asking the eternal question “Should I hire a wedding planner?” understand that the only person who can really answer that is you. The most important thing is to remember whatever way you go, make sure you leave plenty of energy left over for the most important part of the wedding, the honeymoon.

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